CSAM and Accelerated Life Testing

C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
CSAM is a screening technique that can uncover anomalies in device package and construction. It has been most reliable in finding distinct differences in device surface coatings that have identified many counterfeit devices.

Accelerated Life Testing
In recent years, much useful methodology has been developed to predict the life of electronic microcircuits using environmental-accelerated steady-state life testing. Such acceleration testing can be vital in predicting the opera-tional future and functional performance of either hermetically sealed or plastic-encapsulated microcircuits. Testing such as component temperature cycling or burn-in has been paramount in exposing counterfeit devices.


Author: josephfedericonj

Joseph Federico is Vice President and Director of Operations for NJ MET, Inc., located in Clifton, NJ. He speaks world-wide on current issues in Electronic Component Testing. Among his responsibilities at NJMET, Inc. is heading up its charity programs.

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