LEDs Light Path to Map the Brain

Researchers at the University of Michigan are using mice to determine how neural networks really work.

According to the Earthtron Blog ( http://blog.earthtron.com/tiny-leds-allow-researchers-to-map-the-brain),  researchers placed  light-emitting diodes (LEDs) into mice brains, “allowing researchers to determine how stimuli to one neuron affects other neurons in the area. Each LED is less than a tenth of a millimeter wide, approximately the same size as a neuron.”

It is remarkable to see how these LEDs can produce data to understand the brains neuro behavior. All future discovery will be extremely helpful in understanding and treating such diseases as Alzheimer’s, Cerebral Palsy and Autism possibly lending solutions to a cure. I find this research to be a monumental endeavor and commend the organizations and personnel involved.

Author: josephfedericonj

Joseph Federico is Vice President and Director of Operations for NJ MET, Inc., located in Clifton, NJ. He speaks world-wide on current issues in Electronic Component Testing. Among his responsibilities at NJMET, Inc. is heading up its charity programs.