The Charity of Joseph Federico

One of the defining characteristics that people know Joseph Federico for is his giving and generous nature. He is someone who is very dedicated to his New Jersey community, often finding ways to give back to the community that has provided him with the resources and support to thrive in his current career.

For starters, Joseph Federico is passionate about his religion, and is dedicated to helping churches. In order to provide direct help, he has volunteered through several churches as a lecturer and eucharistic minister, as well as an instructor. Federico is grateful to his church for helping him get through difficult times as he gained experience and put in the labor that bore the fruit of his current career in electronic testing.

Additionally, Joseph Federico has involved his company, New Jersey Micro Electronics Testing (NJMET) with his philanthropic works. One of the most recent charitable events he has involved the company in is the Holiday Toy Drive. This annual event donates toys to several organizations that aim to help needy or unprivileged children. The last event donated toys to Oasis, an organization that specifically helps women and children in Paterson, New Jersey.

Joseph Federico has also contributed to other charitable efforts entirely on his own. He is a recurring participant in charitable walk-a-thons that aim to help people who need resources and support the most. Despite being a busy individual, Federico recognizes the importance of helping less fortunate people, and uses his influence to help them out.

A New Generation of Field Programmable Gate Arrays

I just read this post on the Earthtron blog about Xilinx’s new Field Programmable Gate Arrays.  I strongly believe Xilinx has made great strides to improve the Kintex-7 Line.

Reducing power consumption by 40% will strengthen applications from long distance WAN support to improving live events such as radio and satellite feeds. These are paramount improvements in actual real time applications to move toward an Internet-of-Things.