Joseph Federico of NJ Works at NJ Micro Electronic Testing, Inc.

Joseph Federico of NJ started his career in the 1970s.  Joseph joined NJ Micro Electronic Testing, Inc. of Clifton, NJ in 1978 and has worked up to the position of Vice President and Director of Operations, his current role in the company. His involvement in the development of the military and aerospace reliability department helped in the growth of the company reorganizations NJMET as a reliable Electronic Testing Laboratory worldwide.

Joseph Federico of NJ also believes strongly in supporting his local community, giving back, and improving the lives of others. He engages in many charitable causes in his personal life and has encouraged his company NJMET to participate in several philanthropic causes throughout New Jersey. Most recently, NJMET completed a Holiday Toy Drive for Oasis: a Haven for Women and Children in Paterson, NJ.

In a professional capacity, Joseph Federico of NJ helped NJMET earn the title of United States Small Business Administration Region II Subcontractor of the Year and gain the Israeli ODEM Award.

Changes to the DFAR Regulations

If you get a chance, I recommend that you read “When it Comes to Counterfeit Part Prevention, Semantics Matter” – a blog post by Kevin Sink. He discusses the need for the revisions to the DFAR regulations that are currently underway.

The DFAR regulations are positive tools detailing how to purchase manage and dispose of components. In addition, the introduction of the AS6171 standard will be an important aid to quality-control testing and providing standardize techniques and practices.